Wednesday, July 20

Rebirth? hmm... beats me..

Well it seems like i'm back again. After being dormant for like two months.

Well, nothing's changed. I'm back in school again, this time as a struggling junior. Wait... i'm not yet struggling... better be: a Care-free, "hakuna matata" individual...

Well, i've got new subjects to deal with. Like Lingguistics, reading process, mass media, literary criticism, the drama and the novel....

Of all these subjects the novel is the most tasky. Yup, it requires a lot of reading. But the chosen books are nice and fun to read. Such as one hundred years of solitude, name of the rose and twelve more of four-hundred pages.

Speaking of which....ahh.. hm.... i think i have to this is all for now!


Saturday, May 28


Don't you hate it when some stupid moron flood posts on the bulletin board? (friendster). Well, i do. I used to do it, but the thought that i might end up being called "ksp" came hitting like a stone. But hey, isn't that the whole point? The reason for posting hundreds of such is to attract attention. Well, it doesn't only slow down the process of netsurfing but i also think it is a big waste of resource. One may post a compose over and over a hundred times until it is the only post that occupies the first page, but the odds that all of it will be read is ... Zero. Why can't people realize that???

Monday, May 23

battle royale

I was finally able to grab a cd of the movie a friend of mine was crazy about: "Battle Royal". A japanese movie set on a not-so-far dystopic future. Because of the uncontrollable growth of population, japan's economy went down and unemployment rate went up. Teens at this time mock adults and almost one-fourth drop out of school. Desperate for change, the government passed an act called the "BR" act in which each year a randomly selected highschool class will be "kidnapped" and left in an island to kill each other until one survives. Each student equipped with weapons from the most convenient : guns, granades, crossbows, sickle, knives to the most outrageous ones: potlids, binoculars, fans and etc.

The movie, though graphic in content is not categorized as an action movie but rather a drama. Thus, was controversial when released last 2000. It's actually based from a novel.

It's really a good movie. Imagine killing your classmates and friends and girlfriend/boyfriend? what would you feel? what would you do since you don't have any choice but to kill or be killed?
I can't exactly define the movie so better watch it.

Thursday, April 21

Midnight Mishap

Late last night, i found myself unable to sleep at exactly 11:47 pm. I think i owe the insomnia to the two packs of "extra joss" i drank. So, i braved myself to go out of the room and into the dark, unlit sala. Turned the t.v. on and when there was nothing interesting to watch, i scoured the cabinet for cd's. "Cheaper by the dozen" i think i want to watch this. Let's see how a family of 12 kids and parents survive amid their number. Finally, though the movie is not that hilarious it was funny and it has kept me pre-occupied.

Later that evening. My mom just got back from the market ( since, we don't have a maid anymore ), and after putting the goods into the ref she boiled the fish intestines, a lot of 'em, so that the foul smell would ward off if disposed later. However, she left them to cool and forgot about the matter.

So on i go, watching the movie when ...WHAM!!! A sound of fallen pots blew out loud. I must admit, i was kinda scared for fear of seeing a ghost. Still i checked it out. To my utter dismay, i found out that the intestines were scattered all over the floortiles because a cat got in through the open window and spilled it. ARRGHH! that darn cat! Though the intestines were already boiled, it still stinked. And worse, i have to clean the whole mess. I thought of leaving it as is and pretend that i was already asleep at the time if my parents finds it out the following morning. But i didn't. I guess i'll just have my share of help this time. So, left, right, left. I mopped and brushed it. Imagine me with the tools in my left hand and the other hand covering my nose and mouth to prevent vomit. Whew! it took me 30 minutes. And after i regained the squeaky-clean disposition of our floor, my back was already aching and so i decided to go to my room and returned to sleep. It just took me 4 minutes to get back to dreamland...zzzzzzzz!!!!!

Tuesday, April 12

disappearing acts

Yesterday when i got home, i was mortified finding out that, again for the nth time, our household helper sneaked out and is never going back. I kept on pondering as to why everytime we have someone working for us, they never last for a couple of weeks. Beside the fact that nobody's gonna do our chores any longer but me, my "lakwatsa", chore-free days again will profess its limited lifespan.

Analyzing, i came up with the following reasons:

1. Maybe because my mom is very keen when it comes to keeping things clean and in-order.
But, in defense i don't really think there's too much work to be done in our house for the fact that everything ( chores, i mean ) can be done in just one click of a button.
2. Maybe because the peacefulness of our neighborhood bores them.
3. Or is it just that they have a secret someone that they don't want to talk about and they eloped.

In a year, my parents strive to find trustworthy household helps but end in vain. In a year, a matter of three to four household helpers come and go. So you could just imagine the many people in and out of our house.

Now, with the yet again disappearance of our maid, It leaves me no choice but to give up my "lakwatsa" time and sacrifice it for the time that i'll spend attending our houseneeds.

What a bummer!

Saturday, April 9

summer memories

Back during schooldays, i anticipate about summer a lot. But now, how i wish it's schooldays again. It's not yet the peak of summer and the season's just startin but i really want to go back to school. Why? maybe because i'm not doin anythin much. I'm spending every second of my summertime at home. My daily routine: Sleep, eat, watch t.v... and it goes on and on like i existed only to do such. A few years back, i count the days on the calendar until i count to march. Summertime. Yippee! I wait all year for this season. This is the time of the year when my "barkada" comes home from dumaguete, manila and from where they are studyin. Unfortunately, i'm the only one in our gang who's left here in our city. So, this is the time for get-togethers, strolling in the city, going to beaches, trekking and any fun stuff that would add to our memory bank..

But now, i feel some bitterness about it. My "barkada" broke up because of some immature reasons. We were oh so happy then, until we grew up and found some flaws in each and everyone. Until the time came that we questioned our friendship and finally after months of not minding each other, we decided to let it go. I tried patchin' things up after awhile but they were just not interested anymore. Thay already have their own group of friends now and i have mine too. Summer's just quite reminding me of those happy, care-free days that we used to spend together. It affects me in a way that i still hope that we could all talk things out and reconsider our once fruitful, yet short lived friendship.

Sunday, March 20

Good luck to me

Sometime ago, during the near-end of classes, i remember this....

Teacher: Tell me a good reason why i should let you pass this class (psychology).

Me: Because i actually learned a lot from this subject. Before, i thought that this only deals with crazy people but was proved wrong. Psychology is a very broad subject to study and is very interesting since it actually studies the human psyche, the rationality of a person, his thoughts and studying psychology would enable us to understand a character's personality and justify his relative actions. ;->

All seven of us : late comers and mga "absenot" of this class, used our charms to the nth power to convince our teacher not to give us a grade of 5. there is nothin wrong with the teacher and the subject is average. just that it's scheduled 7:30 in the morning. too early. So a lot of us, often comes in at 8:30, in my case i don't come in anymore because i thought that it would be insulting to the teacher. So oftentimes, since he gives quizzes before the lecture, we fail to take 'em. Thus, a lot of us gets zero in it. However i did learn a lot. So in addition, i justified that:

Me: psyche really helped me achieve high grades in my majors because it helped me in analyzing the persona or the characters/speaker of the story in subjects such as short story and poetry.

I do have high grades in those subects. I'm always called by the teachers to recite.

So on we went bluffing to convince the teacher not to fail us. Blah! Blah! Blah!

And the teacher said:

Teacher: Good luck!

And portrayed a big... fat... smile!

Now what does that mean?